kate corcoran

co-founder & strategic counsel

What you get: A blend of PR and marketing savvy, creativity and business smarts, backed up by an in-depth knowledge of the wine industry

Kate Corcoran, with her quick mind and fast wit, is always in the moment, brimming with ideas. For clients that translates into the ability to create and execute first-class campaigns in a cost-effective manner, designed to deliver meaningful, measurable results.

From media relations to cross-promotions and strategic partnerships that move the needle, Kate intuitively understands what is needed and how to make it happen. That includes turning competitors into a competitive advantage, either by working with a client and their “rivals” toward increase exposure for a shared goal or message, or through programs that reach beyond the wine industry to access a larger, more diversified audience

Kate brings over 20 years of marketing and PR experience to the table, including more than a decade working with wine. Since co-founding Creative Palate in 2012, Kate’s clarity of vision has helped the small agency land big accounts by offering à-la-carte packages, among other out-of-the-box ideas.

A graduate of Aston Business School in the UK, Kate holds the WSET Advanced Certificate and is a Society of Wine Educators Certified Wine Specialist.

Contact: kate@CPalate.com

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