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What you get: the inside scoop, industry analysis, access to leading press and influencers, shrewd judgment and strategic thinking based on years of experience on the agency side and in-house.

Name some of the best-known, best-selling, most respected wines brands in the U.S. (Cavit, Chalone, Concha y Toro, Mionetto, Champagne Bruno Paillard, to name a few) and Jane has helped get them there. A 30-year industry record includes helping introduce to market scores of new brands, while creating a revitalized presence for existing labels.

Though in the business of creating mystique, Jane’s philosophy is simple and pragmatic: To create and execute common sense, cost-effective PR programs. Grounded, results-driven PR is founded on industry insight and interpretation. Key to success, especially for international clients, is Jane’s insider understanding of the complexities of the U.S. marketplace, and what PR can and cannot accomplish. 

Jane’s media contacts are second-to-none: Over the years many have become personal friends. For more than a decade Jane headed PR at Palm Bay International and later at Banfi Vintners, before moving on in 2012 to join forces with Kate Corcoran as co-founder of Creative Palate. 

Active in multiple organizations, and a mentor to several next-generation wine-industry PR professionals, Jane is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the industry she loves.

Contact: jane@CPalate.com

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